xLucent Technologies   
    Partner Series

   System Capacities

Partner Plus (8 lines and 24 phones or 12 lines and 12 phones)

Partner ACS (15 lines and 40 extensions)

Partner II (16 lines and 48 phone or 24 lines and 24 phones)

The Partner Telephone System is designed to give you greater flexibility for control of your call handling and to help you manage your business with greater efficiency. The Partner systems include a wide range of features and options to help boost your levels of efficiency, customer service and professionalism.

The Partner Phone options include a backlit swivel display that shows the date, time, number your dialing, extension name of the co-worker that is calling you and Caller ID information.

The Partner Mail VS voice mail system is designed to offer your business the many advantages of voice messaging. The system includes individual mailbox capabilities that let you handle calls after hours.